Data for AI 2020 Conference

Data for AI Week: Virtual Conference Experience - Addressing the Data Side of AI in a Conference Unlike any Other

September 14, 2020

Data for AI 2020 Conference

Have Data and AI Needs? This conference is for you!

Data for AI 2020: Virtual Conference Experience - Addressing the Data Side of AI in a Conference Unlike any Other

The Data For AI Conference is an online event unlike any you’ve attended. The online event combines a large library of on-demand content with live keynotes (originally live Sep. 14-18, 2020) and live webinar-style panel engagements, “ask-me-anything” style expert sessions, and educational content. Content is meant to be consumed around your schedule, not a predetermined schedule created for you. Key topics include Data Engineering, Data Preparation, Data Labeling & Annotation, Sourcing Data and Data Generation for AI.

Five Topics:

  • Data Engineering
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Labeling & Annotation
  • Sourcing and Generating Data
  • All Other Topics Data-Related for AI
Three Tracks:

  • Industry Applications
  • Government and Public Sector Sessions
  • Technology Deep Dives
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5 QA Methods to Win the Race to Quality Data

The end result for every data labeling project is quality data – but how do you get there? There are several quality assurance workflow types but each has pros and cons when it comes to the quality and speed of data outputs. When you’re evaluating data labeling providers or planning in-house processes, you should consider which QA workflow will work best for your business and data needs.

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AI Demo Showcase: DataRobot

Watch the demo to see how DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform combines predictive modeling expertise with the best practices of data science to deliver accurate and actionable predictions with full transparency and interoperability.

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AI Demo Showcase: OmniSci

See how OmniSci and our partners at AWS, Safegraph, Veraset, and X-Mode are using anonymized, data-driven methods to contribute to relief efforts at a national scale for the next phase of the COVID-19 response efforts.

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AI Experience at the VA

AI is enabling a new paradigm. By leveraging voluminous real-time information and new algorithms, there is a promise of better and more efficient care. In this session, several case studies from the work of the National Artificial Intelligence Institute at the VA and collaborations will be discussed, including research and development that empowers Veterans to search for clinical trials and physicians to evaluate COVID-19-associated prognosis and needs.

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AI for Everyone: How LinkedIn Builds Holistic AI at Scale

LinkedIn serves close to 700 million members in more than 200 countries, and AI is woven into virtually every experience on the site. Last year alone, members viewed nearly 400 billion feed updates, and the rate of content creation on the site is rapidly expanding. To maximize a useful, personalized experience, LinkedIn uses AI to customize things like a user’s feed, job notifications, and learning content.

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AI Projects at the National Science Foundation (NSF)

The National Science Foundation supports research on questions at the heart of many of our national priorities. The broad behavioral, social and economic impacts of artificial intelligence constitute one such priority. In this interactive keynote Dorothy Aronson will share how the NSF plans to embrace AI technologies, what AI projects they are currently funding, and how AI will impact the agency in the coming years.

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