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Cognitive Technologies for the Digital Health Revolution
The Cognitive:Health 2019 is an international knowledge exchange platform bringing together the top experts in the field, providing a unique glimpse into the fascinating world of machine learning, imaging and computer vision. Senior physicians, scientists, researchers, and managers come together at the Cognitive:Health for impactful sessions on the future of AI across healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biomedical research. Explore how industry thought leaders use deep learning solutions to unlock the potential of these new technologies for the entire Healthcare ecosystem – from big ‘omics and medical imaging to drug discovery and development – Join us now!

Business & Strategy Topics at Cognitive:Health 2019

  1.  How applied robotic process automation (RPA) and AI leads to use & business cases
  2. Discuss the future in light of AI slowly taking over more functions in finance, HR, procurement, customer service, and much more
  3. Learn how to use intelligent / cognitive / smart automation for your Shared Service Center (SSC), Global Business Services (GBS) strategies and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations
  4. Find out how to improve all corporate activities in HR, procurement and finance & accounting (F&A) including order to cash (O2C),  purchase to pay (P2P), procurement, customer service and back office processes, such as payroll or controlling
  5. Discuss how to identify which processes to automate and how your proof of concept can harness digital behavioural change
  6. Discuss the opportunities of advancing methods in intelligent automation and their impact across the industries
  7. Discover current trends with the application of robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive tools and the impact on the short and mid-term
  8. Control & steer your RPA program with effective RPA governance strategies to achieve maximum benefit from your virtual workforce
  9. Learn how to develop change management strategies to guide your business through RPA and AI developments
  10. Discuss how to make the most of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & RPA technologies and how to establish a centre of excellence (CoE) and which governance model will work best for your company.
    And many more!

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