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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language processing (NLP), Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI), Deep Learning (DL), etc. Once abstract concepts, we finally see a significant increase in real-life application of these technologies.

It is an exciting time for AI in this fast-paced world, it’s extensive potential and wide-reaching nature offers huge benefits, as well as threats if not adopted properly. As the research towards the topic progresses and the new technologies become widespread, it raises more and more questions regarding the governance of AI – through which frameworks can it be governed to be accountable and transparent? How can we control it to be fair? Even though AI systems are quite narrow in their capabilities for now, compared to their full potential, addressing their ethical dilemmas and security concerns are paramount.

AImpact Summit held on November 27 – 28, 2019 in Munich, offers the unique opportunity to get deep insights on the hottest topics of Artificial intelligence, network with likeminded people, connect with peers who recognize that now is the time for AI and meet the people changing the perspectives and transforming the way we do business today. As AI increasingly permeates every aspect of our life, knowing how to apply the cutting-edge technology to one’s competitive advantage or how to avoid risks and threats becomes vastly important.

In the ever-changing world the main thing we can do is to be open to learn and thereby be prepared for whatever the future brings, or even better, Impact future together. That is why for this conference we focus on the latest issues and bring together the best and the most interesting speakers for you to enjoy and discuss compelling content.

Key Topics

Understanding AI Technology and Its Foreseeable Impact, Challenges and Opportunities

AI Governance – Adopting AI in a Fair and Accountable Manner

Roboethics and Machine Ethics – Designing AI as a Moral Agent

AI for Identity – Intelligent ID Verification Systems for Better Security

AI & Cybersecurity – Applying Machine Learning and AI Principles to Cybersecurity

AI Solutions & Best Cases – In-Depth guide to AI Use Cases and Application from Text-Based Automated Bots to Self-Driven Cars

AI Predictions – Towards What Kind of Future Does AI Point? From Fashionable Key Words to Everyday Technologies

Machine Learning and Automation – ML, Analytics and Deep Learning In the Business Ecosystem and the Future of Traditional Industries

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