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AI in Government – Carlos Siordia & Stephen Bertke, CDC

by Kathleen Walch

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  • 6-6:30pm: Networking
  • 6:30-7:30pm: Panel Discussion
  • 7:30-8pm: Wrap-up and networking

Special Speakers: Dr. Carlos Siordia, Interdisciplinary Lead Research Epidemiologist, DSR-NIOSH-CDC and Dr. Stephen Bertke, Mathematical Statistician, DFSE-NIOSH-CDC

This month’s presenters are Dr. Carlos Siordia (KAHR-lohs SEE-or-dee-ah) and Dr. Stephen “Steve” Bertke (sti:v b-ER-t-k-ee) from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They will show how their team leveraged federal resources to improve on an existing solution to process information from public health surveillance systems. They improved a sustainable and scalable solution by sourcing the crowd within the federal government and across the international community. Through an agreement with NASA, their team of seventeen people from seven federal agencies, known as the //m_BrainGineers, was able to crowdsource natural language processing algorithms. By leveraging data and federal workers as a strategic asset, they were able to engage the international community to improve on a solution and help the agency achieve mission outcomes. Their project was the first of its kind in the agency. They will explain the motivation for using crowdsourcing and machine learning to develop sustainable and scalable solutions for improving the processing of information from public health surveillance systems. Dr. Bertke will begin by discussing the agencies’ decade-long investments in machine learning and its deep value for improving surveillance systems. Dr. Siordia will finish by discussing how crowdsourcing was used to improve on the agency’s solution.

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