AI Bots as a Service - a Conversational AI engine by AI BaaS
Edge computing, low code in the cloud: 2D online & 3D Mixed Reality voice assistants. A world-leading Conversational AI engine. Voice assistants powered by AI BaaS in Munich. Using our proprietary algorithm VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois], developed 100% inhouse by AI [...]
AI Bots as a Service – a Conversational AI engine by [...]

Edge computing, low code in the cloud: 2D online & 3D Mixed Reality voice assistants. A world-leading Conversational AI engine. Voice assistants powered by AI BaaS in Munich. Using our proprietary algorithm VAIP [Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois], developed 100% inhouse by AI BaaS's CTO, we have made it a robust, flexible, agile low code enterprise solution. With a decade of beta testing in the public space with online 2D chatbots and various commercial Greenfield pilots.The Munich tech venture AI Bots as a Service delivers low code SaaS packages via their global OEM network to end users ie B2B2C clients. BUSINESS MODEL: B2B annual, software only subscriptions sold by the company's OEM partners. These contracted vendors attach their own hardware & develop around the AI BaaS packages such as a screen or voice device of their choice so that the SaaS product is Plug & Play. The Intellectual Property includes their own source code or proprietary algorithm developed fully inhouse over 10 years. Voice-based, multilingual, bespoke AI Brains. Personalised avatar in 3D format & 2D online. Latest iterations include motion detection, hand tracking with voice only Cognitive Interfaces for Conversational AI.™ AI BaaS creates # Virtual Assistants # Wayfinder for FAQs # Mixed Reality publicists & promoters # virtual games hosts & event PR # online & offline pollsters & survey marketers
Inhouse Programmers, UX Designers, Personalised Avatars & Reliable Hardware: AI BaaS partner with EU hardware manufacturers & have their own designers and coders for their proprietary algorithm VAIP, Virtual Artificially Intelligent Patois.

FROM THE AI BAAS WEBSITE: Conversational Commerce with a personalised 3D avatar as a hologram, robot or cognitive interface: we can fully customise the bot brain to suit your immediate sales campaign & long term marketing strategies. GDPR standards integrated into our proprietary software "Made in Germany". Plug & Play Yet Customised Individually: Our biggest USP is that we easily quickly customise your avatar, botify your sites & then let you plug it in. No maintenance required as we manage the Bots as a Service 100% inhouse. No more uncertainty & costs blow out while you trial New Tech, AI & chatbot builds. We personalise, customise & work at speed to ensure a seamless stress free deployment of your bespoke AI bot avatars by brief.

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