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Worldwide AI Laws and Regulations [CGR-REG20]

by rschmelzer

The pace of adoption for artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies continues unabated with widespread, worldwide, rapid adoption of AI and its various patterns. As a result, governments around the world are moving quickly to ensure that existing laws, regulations, and legal constructs remain relevant in the face of technology change and can deal with new, emerging challenges posed by AI.

In this report, Cognilytica explores the latest legal and regulatory actions taken by countries around the world across nine different areas: facial recognition and computer vision, autonomous vehicles, AI-relevant data privacy, conversational systems and chatbots, lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), AI ethics and bias, AI-supported decision making, malicious use of AI, and other regulations and laws pertaining to the use, creation, or interaction with AI systems. Each country’s laws and regulations are explained and categorized, and then evaluated as to whether the laws are in discussion but not implemented, are implemented as permissive laws, or are implemented as prohibitive laws.

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