Worldwide AI Laws and Regulations 2021

The pace of adoption for artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies continues unabated with widespread, worldwide, rapid adoption of AI and its various patterns. As a result, governments around the world are moving quickly to ensure that existing laws, regulations, and legal constructs remain relevant in the face of technology change and can deal with new, emerging challenges posed by AI. In this report, Cognilytica explores the latest legal and regulatory actions taken by countries around the world across nine different areas: facial recognition and computer vision, autonomous vehicles, AI-relevant data privacy, conversational systems and chatbots, lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), AI ethics and bias, AI-supported decision making, malicious use of AI, and other regulations and laws pertaining to the use, creation, or interaction with AI systems. Each country’s laws and regulations are explained and categorized, and then evaluated as to whether the laws are in discussion but not implemented, are implemented as permissive laws, or are implemented as prohibitive laws.
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  • 152 Pages
  • 8 Figures, 1 Table
Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary 10
  • Key Findings 10
  • The Scope of AI-Relevant Laws and Regulations 11
  • Facial Recognition and Computer Vision-Relevant Laws and Regulations 11
  • Data Privacy Laws and Regulations 11
  • Autonomous Vehicle-Relevant Laws and Regulations 12
  • Laws and Regulations Pertaining to AI Ethics, Bias, and Fairness 12
  • Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) and AI-Enhanced Weapons Laws and Regulations 12
  • Chatbot and Conversational Systems Laws and Regulations 12
  • Laws and Regulations Regarding Use of AI for Predictions or Decision Support 13
  • Laws and Regulations Regarding Malicious AI and AI-Enabled Fakery 13
  • Other General AI Regulations 13
  • Measuring Laws and Regulations 13
  • AI-Relevant Laws and Regulations on a Per-Country Basis 14
  • Overall Analysis 146
  • Overall State of Laws and Regulations 147
  • Overall State of Facial Recognition and Computer Vision Regulation 147
  • Overall State of Data Privacy Regulation 148
  • Overall State of Autonomous Vehicle Regulation 148
  • Overall State of Autonomous Weapons Regulation 148
  • Overall State of Conversational Systems Regulation 148
  • Overall State of Ethical AI & Bias Regulation 148
  • Overall State of AI-Enabled Decisions Regulation 149
  • Overall State of Malicious AI Regulation 149
  • Overall State of General AI Regulation 149
  • About Cognilytica 149
Although Cognilytica believes that the results, conclusions, and analysis produced in support of this report are well informed, comprehensive, and reasonable, Cognilytica cannot guarantee future results, accuracy of market predictions, or applicability of conclusions to report purchaser or reader’s business. Moreover, Cognilytica does not assume responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of such statements. The information derived in this report are statements of opinion only, and Cognilytica shall not be held liable in any manner for any conclusions or actions taken pursuant to this report. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Cognilytica shall have no liability for errors, omissions, or inadequacies in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof. Report purchaser and/or reader assumes sole responsibility for the selection of these materials to achieve its intended results. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice. Cognilytica does not make open its research methods, underlying data, sources, or means and methods of analysis for inquiry, evaluation, or examination.


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