Innovative Approaches to Solving Expense Report Fraud with AI (White Paper)

Free whitepaper: AI-Enabled expense report auditing is saving companies 2-5% of their T&E Spend
Occupational fraud is not a small issue. On average, a company loses 5% of its revenues to employee financial fraud each year, with the annual median loss at $140,000 and over 20% of companies reporting losses of $1 million or more. The key to keeping a lid on this fraud is identifying the fraud before it takes too much of a bite out of the company’s bottom line, or even further, to put processes and controls in place that automatically audits, monitors, and accepts or rejects transactions that don’t fit an recognized pattern. The emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help companies by acting as automated, intelligent virtual assistants, providing the sort of capabilities that would otherwise require a significant amount of human power.
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