Global AI Adoption Trends & Forecast 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to gain traction worldwide in a range of applications and usage scenarios. However, AI is still in the early part of the “early majority” phase with many organizations sitting on the sidelines waiting for do-or-die reasons to implement AI. In reality, global adoption of AI is strong, especially when looking past the buzzwords of AI and focusing on the individual patterns of AI, such as conversational systems, recognition systems, autonomous systems including process automation, hyperpersonalization efforts, pattern and anomaly detection using AI, AI-enabled predictive analytics, and goal-driven systems leveraging reinforcement learning. In this research document, we share the results of the latest survey of public and private sector companies and their current stance with regards to AI adoption and usage.
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Table of Contents
  • Executive Summary 2
  • Key Findings 2
  • General Patterns of AI Adoption 3
    • Overall AI Adoption 3
  • Plans for AI Adoption 5
  • Challenges to AI Adoption 7
  • About the Survey 9
  • Survey Methodology 9
  • About Cognilytica 9
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