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Determining AI Project Costs [AI Today Podcast]


What are you really spending on in an AI Project? This is a question we often get asked. So, we wanted to spend some time on this podcast to discuss how to determine AI project costs.

First, it’s important to remember that it all comes down to scope. Our motto: Think Big. Start Small. Iterate Often. Starting small REALLY matters if you want to control costs. And, the cost has to do with the scope of the iteration.

Next, you need to think about buy vs build. Can you buy an already available model? Or, do you want or need to build one on your own? Both of these decisions will have different cost impacts for your AI project.

And, don’t forget AI services costs. You’ll need to determine what sort of services are needed for your AI project iteration. And, who is on your AI team, especially for each phase of CPMAI. All of these components will determine your specific AI project costs.

Show Notes:

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