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Cognilytica’s AI-Enabled Vision of the Future – UPDATED [AI Today Podcast]


Back in 2018, when at the time we thought AI hype couldn’t get any more hype-y, we at Cognilytica spent time thinking about what the broad implications of AI would be on our individual lives, our business and work lives, and on society in general. This thinking led us to put together our four-part vision we called the “AI-Enabled Vision of the Future”. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer revisit our AI Enabled Vision of the Future and dive deep on updating for the realities of where AI is now and where things are heading.

The Four-Part AI-Enabled Vision of the Future

We see four major transformational movements impacting all aspects of our lives with AI. These include the AI-Enhanced Organization, Augmented (Autonomous) Everything, Enhancing the Human Experience, and Pervasive Knowledge. From Cognilytica’s perspective, we see AI as being an important, transformational change agent not only to the way business is done, but also to the way people live their daily lives. But, what does that future look like when everything has been transformed? In this episode we review each of these four parts on this podcast at a high level. And in future episodes we’ll be digging deeper into each one so stay subscribed to AI Today.

Show Notes:

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