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Cognilytica’s AI-Enabled Vision of the Future: The AI-Enhanced Organization [AI Today Podcast]


The Four-Part AI-Enabled Vision of the Future

In 2018, when at the time we thought AI hype couldn’t get any more hype-y, we at Cognilytica spent time thinking about what the broad implications of AI would be on our individual lives, our business and work lives, and on society in general. This thinking led us to put together our four-part vision we called the “AI-Enabled Vision of the Future”. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer review our AI Enabled Vision of the Future and dive deep on what the AI-enhanced organization looks like.

The AI-Enhanced Organization of the Future

Already, AI is proving to be a massive enhancement and augmentation to the everyday work and tasks of businesses, enterprises, and organizations of all types. However, in the AI-enabled future, this will be accelerated on steroids. In this podcast we discuss what the acceleration of productivity using AI will look like. We discuss what organizations will look like with actual, intelligent, adaptive systems that can handle whatever is thrown at them to deal with the ever changing needs of moving data and information between systems. Forget dumb automation of today!

Also, we discuss what mass customization and personalization looks like. Hyperpersonalization will finally be achieved! And, we also discuss impacts to the workforce. The workforce of the AI-enabled future will not look like today’s workforce. Further, the organization of the future will not look like today’s organization.

Overall, in the AI-enabled future, AI capabilities are available to the average person, and the self-employed become absolute powerhouses. The AI-enabled future workforce won’t be mass unemployed, but rather mass self-employed. Each individual will be armed with capabilities to multiply their skills and talents, and they will provide those skills to the organizations who can leverage them best. 

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