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Cognilytica’s AI-Enabled Vision of the Future: Pervasive Knowledge [AI Today Podcast]


The Four-Part AI-Enabled Vision of the Future

In 2018, when at the time we thought AI hype couldn’t get any more hype-y, we at Cognilytica spent time thinking about what the broad implications of AI would be on our individual lives, our business and work lives, and on society in general. This thinking led us to put together our four-part vision we called the “AI-Enabled Vision of the Future”. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer review our AI Enabled Vision of the Future and dive deep on the idea of Pervasive Knowledge and what it means that when AI is everywhere we’ll be able to make assumptions that any system that wants or needs to have AI capabilities, will have those capabilities.

Hyperpersonalization and Expectations of Instant Access

With AI at people’s fingertips, people will be able to perform tasks, ask questions, and get instant, hyperpersonalized, tailored responses to their very specific needs. Because the AI models we’ll be interacting with will be building a constant memory of their interactions, as part of their context, they will also be able to craft deeply personalized responses and interactions. In this episode we discuss this deepening of personalization to its extreme will greatly reduce friction and provide a more optimized interaction with the services and organizations we interact with. However, over-personalization might lead to a loss of options, choice, and personal identity.

Changed ideas around privacy

When AI is in everything, this means that there’s always a device watching and listening to you. Big Brother is here! As a result, in many ways, the idea of privacy will seem foreign in the AI-future. In the AI-enabled Future, everyone is a key part of the surveillance state, which means that privacy goes from an expectation to a luxury.

The Great Averaging Applied to Media and Entertainment

In this episode we also discuss how media and entertainment will change. We’ll now be provided with uniquely generated content that is only for you. Ironically, since everyone will be getting mass-customized hyperpersonalized content, everyone will get a different version of the same experience. Just as we discussed in our previous newsletter about the Great Averaging, if AI is great at producing what is deemed to be the “best” average, what you get will quickly become entertaining and addictive, but also unbearably bad.

AI and Mental health

Lastly, we discuss the impacts of AI and mental health. In the future, mental health concerns will reach pandemic levels. On one hand, more people will be able to seek treatment for mental health. But on the other hand, people can live in their own echochamber, with the voices in their head becoming realized by the AI systems you interact with.

Listen in to this thought provoking vision of the future around Pervasive Knowledge.

Show Notes:

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