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Cognilytica’s AI-Enabled Vision of the Future: Enhancing the Human Experience [AI Today Podcast]


The Four-Part AI-Enabled Vision of the Future

In 2018, when at the time we thought AI hype couldn’t get any more hype-y, we at Cognilytica spent time thinking about what the broad implications of AI would be on our individual lives, our business and work lives, and on society in general. This thinking led us to put together our four-part vision we called the “AI-Enabled Vision of the Future”. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer review our AI Enabled Vision of the Future and dive deep on what the world looks like when AI enhances all aspects of the human experience.

With AI, Everyone Can Reach their Full Potential

AI is rapidly becoming the augmented intelligence tool we have been hoping and expecting. And it’s helping everyone be able to reach their fullest potential. In the AI-enabled future, if you have a desire to learn or do any particular task, AI will be there to help you accomplish that task. Additionally, we discuss how we will be able to go anywhere and have real-time conversations with anyone in their language of choice.

With this AI-augmented enhancement of the human experience, it should come as no surprise that education will also be impacted. In this podcast, we discuss what the future of education looks like. Educational access will now be in the hands of anyone who wants to learn any topic. AI assistants can educate and inform on any topic at the required level of depth. And explain in a way that is most easily understood for each individual learner. Hyperpersonalized education will be part of our everyday lives, from the moment we are born to our ongoing needs for continuous learning and education throughout our adult lives.

Additionally, creativity will be impacted. In the AI-enabled future, not only artists and writers get their visions generated with the help of AI. So too will all manner of arts and creative output. Anything that has a digital, and perhaps even physical, output will be augmented with AI.

“The Great Averaging”

This leads to the last bit on this topic of the human experience that we discuss in the podcast. AI will be everywhere, and it will be used by everyone in the AI-enabled future. Since AI systems are trained on the collected and average outputs of humanity, that means that anyone and everyone has the power to be average, at the least. AI systems will raise the bar of minimum expectation such that everyone will be expected to produce outputs that are at least as good as the AI-generated average outputs, which in many ways are greater than today’s average level of human performance. Using and leveraging AI in the future won’t be an advantage – it will become expected. It’s only those who don’t use AI who will be disadvantaged.

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