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Cognilytica’s AI-Enabled Vision of the Future: AI-Augmented Everything [AI Today Podcast]


The Four-Part AI-Enabled Vision of the Future

In 2018, when at the time we thought AI hype couldn’t get any more hype-y, we at Cognilytica spent time thinking about what the broad implications of AI would be on our individual lives, our business and work lives, and on society in general. This thinking led us to put together our four-part vision we called the “AI-Enabled Vision of the Future”. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer review our AI Enabled Vision of the Future and dive deep on what the world looks like when everything is AI enabled. What does it look like to have augmented and autonomous AI everything?

Autonomous or AI Enhanced?

In this episode we discuss that in the AI-enabled future, because AI is truly everywhere, even in things that it shouldn’t be in, that means AI will be in everything. Back in 2018, we discussed how autonomous everything will change the landscape around us. This was primarily because autonomous vehicles captured everyone’s attention. In this podcast we discuss the impact of autonomous vehicles on society and the urban landscape. But, autonomous isn’t just about vehicles. We discuss what homes and interactions and experiences look like in an autonomous and AI-enhanced future. And we discuss what the future looks like with fully realized augmented intelligence.

Show Notes:

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