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How The US Department Of Commerce And NTIS Provides Innovative Data Services

NTIS provides innovative data services to federal agencies to advance...

Read MoreDecember 6, 2022

Strong AI vs Weak AI: What’s the Difference

While weak AI focuses on automating specific tasks, strong AI...

Read MoreOctober 4, 2022

20 AI Podcasts to Know

These 20 AI podcasts have aired episodes covering everything from...

Read MoreSeptember 26, 2022

Strefa PMI – Next-Generation Project Management for AI: Taking PMP to the Next Level

AI projects require IT project managers that understand how to...

Read MoreSeptember 19, 2022

The Creepy Problem Killing AI Projects

Why is AI so creepy sometimes?

Read MoreSeptember 18, 2022

PyTorch Takes AI/ML Back to Its Research, Open Source Roots

Meta contributes the PyTorch machine learning framework to the Linux...

Read MoreSeptember 15, 2022

Why Do We Keep Repeating The Same Mistakes On AI?

Artificial intelligence has been on the horizon for over seventy...

Read MoreSeptember 6, 2022

The One [Simple] Method AI Implementers Use For Success

Take a hint from successful AI projects: skip the proof-of-concept

Read MoreSeptember 4, 2022

What A Research Firm Learned From Hundreds Of AI Project Failures

AI projects aren’t dying because of big problems, but rather...

Read MoreAugust 30, 2022

The Worst AI Advice You’ll Ever Hear

The oft-cited Silicon Valley ethos of “Move fast and break...

Read MoreAugust 30, 2022

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