Recent Market Intelligence

Leverage Cognilytica Experience & Insights to Gain an Information Advantage

  • Market Intelligence: Support Vendor Decisions & Understand Trends

    Gain insights into vendor differentiation, market segmentation, deal and customer analysis, market sizing, market trends and forecasts

  • Competitive Intelligence

    Cognilytica insights into competitor segmentation, competitor identification, insights into competitor deals and traction, competitive market insights. Know what others in your space are doing, who is really buying technology at organizations, and identify market gaps and opportunities.

  • Co-Branded & Licensable Content that Supports your Go-To-Market

    Customizable, custom, co-branded, and licensable content and research to support market-facing go-to-market needs.

  • Use Case Identification

    Support your business plans and projects with real-world use cases and customer examples

  • Decision-Maker, Key Influencer, and Buyer Support

    Support management and executive decision-making with real-world insights and analysis. Communicate the right message. Execute the right actions.

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Advisory Customers Cognilytica Serves:

Technology Buyers & Decision-Makers

Enterprise & public sector decision-makers, strategists, project managers, and technology buyers

Technology Vendors

Fast-Growing and Established Technology Vendors and Well-Funded, Growing Startups

Investors & Financial Professionals

Private equity, venture capital, and professional investor communities

Service Providers

Systems integrators, consultancies, and service providers

Some of Cognilytica's Customers

Delivering Value

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Your Custom Market Advisory needs

Cognilytica Advisory is a Premium Service for Real Decision-Makers

Cognilytica focuses on delivering insights and intelligence for established enterprises, mature government organizations, rapidly growing technology companies, and fast-moving consultancies and service providers. Our Custom Market Advisory service is a premium service providing the best intelligence and insight in the industry at a premium price. Cognilytica Custom Market Advisory services are only available to organizations with well defined needs, a well defined budget, the authority to make an advisory decision, and the support of your executive team and management. Otherwise, we suggest you look at our training & certification offerings for general market insights.

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