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Applying CPMAI Methodology to AI Projects: Interview with Laetitia Callegari [AI Today Podcast]


Companies of all sizes across the globe in just about every single industry are looking to see how AI can provide them a competitive edge. They want AI to provide efficiencies and improve ROI in today’s competitive landscape. As a result, this creates tremendous opportunity in the field of AI for project professionals who are CPMAI certified and follow the CPMAI methodology. This globally recognized certification helps you stand out from the pack when it comes to scoping, managing, and understanding AI and ML projects. In this episode of the AI Today podcast we interview Laetitia Callegari. She is Managing Director at Primescope Technology Solutions, and is CPMAI certified.

What is the CPMAI Certification?

Staying current with AI developments is crucial. However, there’s a big difference between simply reading the news and actually applying AI best practices to projects. In this podcast, Laetitia explains why having a step-by-step framework for successfully running and managing projects is a game-changer. With the recent buzz around GenAI, this has become more important than ever. CPMAI offers the essential framework needed. Laetitia shares how she is applying CPMAI in real-world scenarios and provides advice for others running their data, analytics, and AI projects, including lessons she has learned along the way.

Is CPMAI certification worth it?

Laetitia discusses why she got the CPMAI certification. She also shares how the CPMAI methodology helped grow key skills for herself, including providing you the knowledge, lexicon, and credibility she was seeking. The course and certirication provides a comprehensive overview of how to manage and run AI projects, and how to scope AI projects for success, while also touching upon trustworthy AI issues.

Show Notes:

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