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AI’s Impact on Project Management: Interview with Saby Waraich [AI Today Podcast]


AI, and in particular generative AI, is having a profound impact on just about every industry. In this episode of AI Today hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer interview Saby Waraich to discuss AI’s impact on Project Management. Saby is CIO at Clackamas Community College and and speaking at the PMI Austin, TX Professional Development Day May 2, 2024.

What impact will artificial intelligence (AI) have on the field of project management?

Saby shares with us how he is seeing Generative AI tools changing the role of project management. He also discusses why soft skills are so important. And, what soft skills are going to become most important for PMs in a generative AI world. As project managers continue to use GenAI and become more comfortable creating and iterating on prompts, the benefits will continue to increase.

How can a project manager use GenAI to improve power skills?

PMs already have many soft skills they leverage on a basis. Saby shares how PMs can leverage their skills such as communication, critical thinking, adaptability, and attention to detail to build conversational skills with AI. Saby shares first hand experiences about prompts he has currently used. And, how he is getting creative with his prompts and asks to LLMs. He also discusses why trust is so important. After all, if you’re not trusting your AI tool, you probably won’t want to use it.

Show Notes:

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