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AI’s Impact on Healthcare: Interview with Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, AMA [AI Today Podcast]


AI is having an impact on just about every industry and healthcare is no exception. In this episode of the AI Today podcast Cognilytica AI thought leaders Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer interview Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld. He is President of the American Medical Association (AMA). He also recently spoke at the 2024 SXSW Conference and Festivals.

What is the impact of artificial intelligence in healthcare?

AI is probabilistic and not deterministic so the results will never be 100% accurate. As AI is more widely adopted and is being used for a variety of different tasks such as interacting with patients, helping to identify potential issues, and act as a second set of eyes for doctors, the impact of AI is being felt by physicians and patients alike. Because there is a broad range of accuracy reports on various AI platforms, Dr. Ehrenfold explains why it’s important for people to vet the quality and safety of health information they receive through an AI platform.

How is artificial intelligence used in the medical field?

AI can and will have a profound impact on healthcare. As a result the The AMA recently issued new principles for AI development, deployment and use. The key principles call for comprehensive policies that mitigate risks to patients and physicians. This is to ensure that the benefits of AI in health care are maximized while potential harms are minimized. Key concepts outlined by the AMA principles focus on oversight, transparency, disclosure, generative AI, privacy and security, bias mitigation, and liability. Dr. Ehrenfeld discusses this in greater detail including why these principles were created.

This podcast was recorded as part of the AI Today @ SXSW 2024 podcast activation. This podcast is sponsored by Intel, the spark for the dreamers who do. They dream of a life with no diseases, of cleaner, greener, more reliable energy  of advancing education by bringing AI everywhere.  Intel is the spark to start something new. To know that no dream is too daring when you have the right foundation. It starts with Intel. Learn more at

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