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AI Today Podcast: The EU AI Act – What does it mean for you?


The EU AI Act is a groundbreaking law that is the first ever law that will regulate AI. It’s the world’s first comprehensive AI law. It’s the first major regulatory framework for AI at a continental level, and the world’s first rules on AI. One of the goals of the AI Act is to provide a comprehensive set of rules for trustworthy AI. It also categorizes AI into different levels of risk and establishes obligations for AI based on its potential risks and level of impact. Additionally, it establishes a widely accepted definition of artificial intelligence. This definition is based on the OECD’s definition of AI which is heavily influenced by Cognilytica’s Seven patterns of AI.

In this episode of the AI Today podcast we provide a high level overview of the EU AI Act including the goals of the Act & Categories of Risk. We also go over a brief history & timeline of the Act. We present what proponents & critics Say about the EU AI Act. And finally wrap up with The Cognilytica Take: What does this Mean for You?

Show Notes:

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