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AI Today Podcast: The Critical AI and Data Skills Needed for AI Project Managers


AI projects are really data-centric projects. After all, data is the heart of AI. So it should come as no surprise that project managers who are managing AI projects need to move beyond just general project management skills. These provide a good foundation for managing schedules, resources, and the people needed to meet organizational goals. But you need to take things one step further for AI. In this episode of the AI Today podcast we discuss the critical AI and data skills needed for AI Project Managers.

AI projects are driven by data and model life cycles that constantly change. This requires AI project managers to be adept in data-specific methods, adjusting to evolving requirements and maintaining flexibility in project approaches​​. Unlike traditional projects, AI projects are never a “set it and forget it” endeavor. They demand ongoing attention and adaptation. Mastery in data and resilience to change are key for AI project managers to thrive in this dynamic environment​​. And, trustworthiness is now a core part of AI Projects. So understanding the layers of Trustworthy AI is critical.

Additionally, AI project teams are very diverse. PMs need to manage the AI & ML engineering team, data engineering and preparation teams, operational and IT organization teams, and even aspects of corporate risk & legal. This makes communicating across boundaries, roles, and skill sets crucial. Successful AI project managers must exhibit strong critical thinking skills to navigate the intricate web of AI and data challenges​​ and the varying trade-offs in approaches. AI and Data projects demand rapid, iterative delivery. So being able to thrive on swift, regular model implementation is a must.


Additionally, AI PMs should follow an AI Project Management methodology such as CPMAI. CPMAI is a step by step approach for running and managing AI projects. It’s iterative and agile and Trustworthy AI is a core part of the CPMAI methodology.

Show Notes:

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