AI Today Podcast: The 2020 State of AI – Interview with Wilson Pang, CTO at Appen

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. In the episode of the AI Today podcast we interview Wilson Pang, who is the CTO at Appen. He shares with us findings from Appen’s “2020 State of AI report” including where organization’s feel they are on their AI adoption journey, why an increasing number of enterprises are getting behind responsible AI as a component to business success, and how COVID-19 has impacted organization’s adoption of AI.

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Appen collects and labels images, text, speech, audio, video, and other data used to build and continuously improve the world’s most innovative arti­ficial intelligence systems. Our expertise includes having a global crowd of over 1 million skilled contractors who speak over 180 languages and dialects, in over 70,000 locations and 130 countries, and the industry’s most advanced AI-assisted data annotation platform. Our reliable training data gives leaders in technology, automotive, fi­nancial services, retail, healthcare, and governments the confidence to deploy world-class AI products. Founded in 1996, Appen has customers and offices globally.

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