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AI Today Podcast: Looking back at AI in 2023


In this episode of the AI Today podcast we want to take a look back at some of the highlights in AI, including headline-making AI news. 2023 was the year for generative AI. It was also the year for Trustworthy AI.

Generative AI all day, every day

Despite a pullback in other areas, Venture Capital investment in AI continues to be hot in 2023. There were multiple billion dollar rounds for companies like OpenAI, Databricks, Anthropic, Metropolis, and Stack AV. When it comes to LLMs, the market also did not disappoint. OpenAI unveils GPT-4 and GPT-4(V). Google launches Bard and updates it with the new Gemini AI model. Anthropic Claude 2 was released and impresses users.

Trustworthy AI

On the Trustworthy AI front there was the landmark EU AI Act. China’s new rules for generative AI went into effect in August 2023. The US releases its first national AI strategy, calling for increased investment, research, and ethical development of AI. Additionally an Executive Order called for many federal agencies to create the role of Chief AI Officers (CAIOs). Efforts to improve the transparency and understanding of AI decision-making also made significant strides in 2023. Development of novel reinforcement learning (RL) techniques led to agents excelling in complex tasks, like video game mastery and robot dexterity.

Curiously, what was missing from many conversations in 2023 was the use of automation and robotic process automation (RPA). Additionally, many organization’s knowledge and expertise around AI is far less mature than assumed. And, 2023 presented a complex picture for AI hiring and layoffs with a Hiring Boom and Bust. This is a great recap podcast to hear some of the biggest headlines of 2023, some of the biggest AI trends, and to reflect on some areas, such as autonomous vehicles, that haven’t lived up to the hype they have received in years past.

Show Notes:

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