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AI Today Podcast: Looking ahead at AI (and AI Today) in 2024

Looking ahead at AI in 2024

In this episode of the AI Today podcast we want to look at some of the biggest trends in AI, including where AI is headed in 2024 and what this means for you.

Generative AI Gets Embedded in Everything

The ease and availability of Generative AI makes it easy to embed in everything. Maybe too easy. And also in places where it shouldn’t be. We share where we think this trend is headed in 2024 and what this means. Both as a user of gen AI and as someone that manages AI projects.

Enterprise AI Adoption Outside of Gen AI Remains Sluggish

Generative AI is accessible to anyone, however other applications of AI aren’t. AI is more than just Gen AI. We talk about the 7 patterns of AI and which patterns remain sluggish. The Autonomous pattern of AI is meant to fully replace the human. There is no way to rush that pattern. Will this cause people to become impatient with longer-term AI solutions? Especially when they see how easy Generative AI is. This trend and feeling won’t stop in 2024.

AI Laws and Regulations Tighten

If 2023 is the year for AI laws and regulations, then 2024 is the year for enforcement. Organizations will need to figure out their game plan for AI, gen AI included. And governments will need to start getting serious about AI laws and regulations. The passage of the European Union AI Act is going to spur other governments to act. What will this mean for AI in 2024?

Open Source AI Blossoms

The trends are pointing to the increasing growth and use of open source LLMs and Foundation Models. Will 2024 be the year that open source models will be more attractive than commercial? With the trend of gen AI getting embedded in everything, it’s easy to see how open source will be more attractive.

Show Notes:

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