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AI Today Podcast #29: The First Autonomous Vehicle Fatality — Now What?

Podcast #29_ The First Autonomous Vehicle Fatality — Now What_

On Sunday, March 18, 2018, an autonomous Uber vehicle operating in autonomous mode struck and killed a pedestrian crossing the road — the first fatal autonomous vehicle accident on a public road to occur. We’ve now crossed the realm from the theoretical of what could happen in this scenario to the reality of the situation actually happening. In this podcast, we explore what happened in this particular situation (based on the limited information available at the time of recording), who and what could potentially be liable or have fault in this and future cases, where the autonomous vehicle industry is heading now that we’re in a new reality, and what potential new laws and regulations could emerge around autonomous vehicles.

[NOTE: we apologize for the change in audio quality in the middle of this podcast – our recorder experienced a technical glitch.]

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