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AI Today Podcast #137: ML Ops in Practice: Interview with Seth Clark, Modzy

Podcast #137_ ML Ops in Practice_ Interview with Seth Clark, Modzy

While much of the attention up until now has been focused on the development of machine learning models, as the industry moves from innovators and early adopters to the early majority, new customers will be more concerned about consuming third party models and building on top of existing best practices rather than building their own from scratch. In this podcast we interview Seth Clark from Modzy to discuss how why model management will become a growing important for both private and public sectors.

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Modzy is an AI Platform and Marketplace of secure, vetted and pre-trained AI models from leading machine learning companies, including Booz Allen Hamilton. Modzy models offer choice, speed and scale and security, to accelerate AI adoption. Modzy allows users to evaluate, deploy, embed and manage the best AI models at scale, and upload their own models for management and governance. With API access, built-in governance, adversarial defense, model retraining, and early-stage explainability, Modzy solves the toughest challenges related to scaling trustworthy AI to the enterprise.

Visit to register for the early access program, or to become a Modzy partner or model contributor.


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