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AI Today Podcast #133: Challenges of Managing ML Models: Interview with Luke Marsden, Dotscience

Podcast #133_ Challenges of Managing ML Models_ Interview with Luke Marsden, CEO & Founder, Dotscience

As companies move from building models to buying models the focus shifts from tooling and platforms focused solely on model development to tools and platforms focused on the overall usage, consumption, and management of models. Machine Learning Model Operationalization Management, referred to as “MLOps”, is focused on the lifecycle of model development and usage, machine learning model operationalization, and deployment. Cognilytica analysts Kathleen Walch and Ronald Schmelzer interview Luke Marsden, Founder & CEO with Dotscience. He shares with us some of the challenges he has seen companies face as they begin to use ML models in production, why MLOps is different than DevOps, and more.

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Dotscience, the pioneer in DevOps for machine learning (MLOps), brings DevOps principles followed by high-performing software teams to ML and data science. The Dotscience software platform for collaborative, end-to-end ML lifecycle management empowers ML and data science teams in industries including fintech, autonomous vehicles, healthcare and consultancies to achieve reproducibility, accountability, collaboration and continuous delivery across the AI model lifecycle. Founded in 2017 by container storage veteran Luke Marsden, Dotscience is headquartered in the UK with offices in the US. Its mission is to accelerate and unlock the true value of data and analytics assets through AI. Learn more at

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