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AI Today Podcast #101: Live at Amazon Re:MARS – Interview with Mobiquity

Podcast #101_ Live at Amazon Re_MARS - Advancements in Voice Applications - Interview with Mobiquity

In this episode of the AI Today podcast we interview Jonathan Patrizio, Head of Technical Advisory and Alexa Evangelist at Mobiquity and Randy Sanborn, Principal Solutions Architect at Mobiquity. Both guests share how the market for voice assistants has evolved over the past five years, how organizations should approach conversational applications, and more.

This podcast was recorded live in person at the Amazon re:Mars event. For those of our listeners that were not able to attend this event was June 3-7, 2019.

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Mobiquity is a digital consultancy that partners with the world’s leading brands to design and deliver compelling digital products and services for their customers. Its approach balances human needs with usefully applied technology, unbound creativity with research and analytics, and agile development with strict engineering and security standards. Mobiquity’s end-to-end services consider every dimension of a digital business from marketing to IT, providing strategy, experience design, product engineering, cloud services and analytics. Mobiquity is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner and has worked with AWS since 2011 to deliver 100% cloud-based innovation to its clients. Visit to learn more.

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