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AI Today Podcast #014: AI and IoT – Interview with Rashmi Misra, Microsoft

Podcast #14_ AI and IoT – Interview with Rashmi Misra, Microsoft

What do you get when you combine two hot buzzwords? Something super hot, of course. In this case, we’re talking about the combination of Internet of Things (IoT), which has been an area of significant investment and adoption with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is gathering more and more steam as time progresses. What’s interesting is that AI is uniquely suited for gathering critical information from the vast quantities of data generated by the millions (billions?) of connected devices on the Internet. What sort of unique insights, identification of threats and opportunities, and immediate action can you get from the constant, watchful, intelligent eye of AI systems on IoT data?

In this interview, we chat with Rashmi Misra, who is the GM of IoT & AI Solutions Partner Device Solutions at Microsoft. We explore the unique overlap between IoT and AI, talk about some of the challenges of dealing with enormous quantities of time-sensitive data, and the challenges of keeping it all running, secure, and manageable.

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