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AI in Local Government: Interview with Roxy Ndebumadu [AI Today Podcast]


AI is being adopted by many organizations and they are seeing dramatic improvement, increased productivity, and cost savings. However, government at all levels, including local governments, are also seeing dramatic improvements when adopting AI. On this episode of AI Today we interview Roxy Ndebumadu. She is the District 4 Councilmember at Bowie, MD City Council.

AI at the local government level

Roxy’s unique background allows her to bring a technology and AI perspective to local government. In this episode Roxy shares her experiences using AI in her election campaign. She also discusses the transformative role that AI can play in enhancing community services and operations from education to road repairs.

Additionally, Roxy shares strategies local governments can adopt to effectively up skill their employees on AI technologies and ensure they are prepared for future advancements. She also shares how local governments can look to partner and collaborate with tech companies and educational institutions to foster a robust AI ecosystem at the local level This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology, AI, and local government.

Show Notes:

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