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50 AI Twitter Influencers to Follow in 2018

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The field of artificial intelligence continues to grow and evolve daily.  To keep up-to-date on all the latest developments, news, and more related to AI, Cognilytica has put together a list of 50 AI influencers to follow on twitter (listed alphabetically).  To make it easier to follow everyone Cognilytica has put together a twitter list that you can view here.

1 @alexjc – Alex Champandard, Co-Founder, Director nuclai conference, Artificial Intelligence expert

2 @RobotLaunch – Andra Keay,  Bringing robots into the real world, startup by startup, event by event, deal by deal.

3 @karpathy – Andrej Karpathy, Director of AI at Tesla. Previously a Research Scientist at OpenAI, and CS PhD student at Stanford.

4 @AndrewYNg – Andrew Ng, Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS adjunct faculty. Former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain.

5 @andyjankowski – Andy Jankowski, Executive Partner, Cognitive Process Transformation (Artificial Intelligence) at IBM. Founder and Owner WorkingEvolved.

6 @bobgourley – Bob Gourley, Former USN intelligence and DIA CTO. Author: The Cyber Threat. Publisher of CTOvision and ThreatBrief. Founder of CrucialPoint

7 @CadeMetz – Cade Metz, New York Times reporter, covering A.I., driverless cars, robotics, and other big changes.

8 @chrismessina – Chris Messina,  Co-Founder Molly, formerly worked at both Uber and Google.

9 @ChristopherIsak Christopher Isak, Founder / Journalist at TechAcute.Com covering AI, VR, AR, Robotics, VC, Startups, Innovation, Gaming

10 @Cognilytica – Cognilytica,  Cognilytica is an AI, ML, and Cognitive technologies focused analyst firm producing adoption-focused research on application, use cases & market intelligence

11 @cybercodetwins  – America and Penelope Lopez, social entrepreneurs on a mission to make communities safer thru wearable tech and mobile apps

12 @davidwkenny – David Kenny, SVP at IBM Watson & IBM Cloud

13 @debashis_dutta – Debashis Dutta, Associate Director, Advisory – Risk Consulting, FRM at KPMG

14 @petitegeek – Dr. Angelica Lim, Canadian-American computer science prof and robot geek. Ph.D. in AI, Robotics and Emotions. Previously at SoftBank Robotics.

15 @elonmusk – Elon Musk, Co-founder of OpenAI, a nonprofit research company that aims to promote friendly artificial intelligence.  He is also the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; and co-founder and CEO of Neuralink.

16 @fabiomoioli – Fabio Moioli, Head of Consulting & Services at Microsoft

17 @drfeifei – Fei-Fei Li, CS Prof at Stanford, Director of Stanford AI Lab, Chief Scientist AI/ML at Google Cloud, CoFounder/Chair at

18 @GaryMarcus – Gary Marcus, SciFounder/CEO of Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber).

19 @genekogan – Gene Kogan, created ml4a, a free book about machine learning for artists, activists, and citizen scientists

20 @inma_martinez – Inmaculada Martinez, A.I. Pioneer and Digital Scientist, Venture Partner at Deep Science Ventures

21 @j2bryson – Joanna Bryson, Professor in Department of Computer Science at the University of Bath

22 @johnchavens – John C. Havens, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

23 @grok_ – Kate Darling, Research Specialist at the MIT Media Lab and a Fellow at the Harvard Berkman Center.

24 @kath0134 – Kathleen Walch, Managing Partner / Principal Analyst at Cognilytica. Host of AI Today podcast.

25 @KirkDBorne – Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist at BoozAllen, PhD Astrophysicist.

26 @MarkTabNet – Mark Tabladillo, Lead Data Scientist at Microsoft Services

27 @mjrobbins – Martin F. Robbins, Author of Raising HAL, a blog about A.I. and data at The Guardian.

28 @MFordFuture – Martin Ford, Futurist & NY Times bestselling author of Rise of the Robots about artificial intelligence, robots, job automation & the future economy

29 @MikeTamir – Mike Tamir, Head of Data Science at Uber ATG & UC Berkeley Faculty

30 @mrogati – Monica Rogati, Data Science & AI advisor, Equity Partner at Data Collective, Guest Lecturer at Stanford University

31 @NathanBenaich – Nathan Benaich, Venture Partner at Point Nine Capital

32 @terence_mills Terence Mills, CEO of aidotio and Moonshot_na | Member Forbes Technology Council

33 @nigewillson – Nige Willson, Strategist @ Microsoft bringing artificial intelligence, data & analytics to the world!

34 @OliverChristie – Oliver Christie, Artificial Intelligent Consultant, Futurist, Speaker on Artificial Intelligence and big data

35 @etzioni – Oren Etzioni, CEO, Allen Institute for AI (AI2); Professor, Allen School of CS, UW; Venture Partner, Madrona.

36 @OriolVinyalsML – Oriol Vinyals, Research Scientist, Machine Learning/Deep Learning/AI, Google DeepMind. Previous: Google Brain.

37 @paulroetzer – Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO of PR 20/20. Creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute, and author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint.

38 @randal_olson – Randy Olson, Lead Data Scientist, at Life Epigenetics. Community leader for Data Is Beautiful

39 @rodneyabrooks – Rodney Brooks, Founder, Chairman, CTO Rethink Robotics. Formerly MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

40 @rschmelzer – Ron Schmelzer, Managing Partner / Principal Analyst at Cognilytica. Host of AI Today podcast.

41 @Ronald_vanLoon – Ronald Van Loon, Director at Adversitement

42 @LearnOpenCV – Satya Mallick, Co-Founder / CTO (R&D) at Sight Commerce Inc. Blogger at, Ph.D. in Computer Vision & Machine Learning.

43 @2morrowknight – Sean Gardner, Digital Marketing and Business Intelligence at World Communication Forum, board member, influencer

44 @soumithchintala – Soumith Chintala, Works at Facebook AI Research. Created PyTorch. Co-authored WGAN and DCGAN research papers

45 @svenphilipsen – Sven Philipsen, Founder & CEO of Each thing.

46 @TamaraMcCleary – Tamara McCleary, CEO of Thulium. AI, IoT, Robotics, BigData influencer

47 @tessalau – Tessa Lau, Ex-CTO/co-founder Savioke. roboticist, PhD in AI.

48 @ceobillionaire – Vincent Boucher, President of Montreal AI

49 @vinod1975 – Vinod Sharma, FinTech CTO, Deep Learning and AI enthusiast, independent researcher in the filed of Artificial Intelligence

50 @ylecun – Yann Lecun, VP & Chief AI Scientist, Founding Director of the NYU Center for Data Science

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