AI Today Podcast: Best Practices in AI Project Management: Excerpts from our Enterprise Data & AI CPMAI Panel

Companies of all sizes in just about every single industry are looking to see how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can provide a competitive edge, provide efficiencies, and improve ROI in today’s competitive landscape. As a result, this creates tremendous opportunity for people looking to manage these types of projects and there is a significant and growing demand for skilled AI project managers across the whole range of AI capabilities. In a recent panel at the Enterprise Data and AI event, we discussed how the CPMAI certification is helping individuals grow key skills for themselves, and is directly impacting their ability to better manage and run AI and data projects and get better at AI Project Management, as well as insights and lessons learned for others looking to run AI projects.

Kathleen Walch, Managing Partner at Cognilytica and host of the AI Today podcast moderated the panel and was joined by panelists:

  • Charles Mendoza: Senior Director, Operational Analytics & Data Science at Maximus
  • Krystene Jennings (KJ): Project Lead BSA, Predictive Analytics & Cloud Engineering at Centene Corporation 
  • Andrew Stone: Lead Specialist, Product Owner, Data Science at Maximus

You can check out the full event, including the Q&A here.

Show Notes:

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