AI Today podcast: AI Education Series: Thinking and Acting Like a Data Scientist

This podcast episode provides a snippet of Cognilytica’s AI and ML education from our Cognilytica Education Subscription. There are many paths to data science and different skills are needed for creating successful data scientists. These skills include curiosity, analytical thinking, performing analysis, taking a strong position and arguing that position, being a data driven problem solver, having an impact-driven mindset, and being good at storytelling. This podcast is an excerpt from our Cognilytica Education course “Thinking and Acting Like a Data Scientist”. In this clip we discuss what the importance of iteration, accepting failure, critical thinking and having an analytical frame of mind.

If you’re looking for more comprehensive explanations and education on this we encourage you to sign up for our Cognilytica education where you can take the Thinking and Acting Like a Data Scientist course as well as our 50+ additional courses.

Show Notes:

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