AI Today Podcast: Are Legal Digital Assistants the future? Interview with Rick McFarland, Chief Data Officer at LexisNexis

The legal profession is still largely dominated by humans. However, AI and ML is steadily being adopted, enhancing legal processes and activities of all sorts. In this episode of the AI Today podcast, Cognilytica analysts interview Rick McFarland, Chief Data Officer at LexisNexis. He shares with us some of the challenges with AI adoption in the legal profession as well as some of the opportunities he sees around domain specific AI-driven Q&A platforms. He also shares what’s needed to get a professional grade digital assistant and how AI can act as an augmented intelligence device for lawyers and those in the legal profession.

Rick is also presenting at our Data for AI Community. Be sure to check out his talk Building a Star Trek AI for the Legal Industry? LexisNexis says, “Make It So.”

Show Notes:

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