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Cognilytica’s Comprehensive Ethical AI Framework

by rschmelzer

Document ID: CGR-EFR21 | Last Updated: April 29, 2021

Report Overview

Organizations are increasingly making use of AI systems to power their operations and enable a wide range of applications from the trivial to the mission-critical. Many of these systems are being put into applications that can potentially impact people’s daily lives and livelihoods. As a result, many users and builders of AI systems are looking to frameworks to help guide the use and development of these systems in ways that maintain trust, provide visibility and transparency, and utilize processes and methods that can provide greater oversight and accountability for potent AI systems. Unfortunately, many of the existing ethical AI frameworks currently released by government agencies, corporations, multi-stakeholder organizations and non-profit groups are lacking in different aspects of their ethical AI frameworks.

Cognilytica is releasing for general usage a template for ethical AI frameworks that can serve as a basis for individual organization AI implementations or as an inspiration for entities to improve their own ethical AI frameworks. This document is released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike [CC BY-NC-SA]. This license lets others remix, adapt, and build upon this work non-commercially, as long as they credit Cognilytica and license their new creations under the identical terms.


Cognilytica Comprehensive Ethical AI Framework 281.95 KB

Organizations are increasingly making use of AI systems to power their operations...


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Table of Contents
  • About Cognilytica’s Comprehensive Ethical AI Framework
  • What is an Ethical AI Framework?
    • Why is an Ethical AI Framework needed?
    • Aren’t there already lots of Ethical AI Frameworks?
    • What makes this ethical AI framework “comprehensive”?
    • Where can I see Cognilytica’s analysis of other ethical AI frameworks?
    • How can I use this Ethical AI Framework?
    • What are the license terms for Cognilytica’s Comprehensive Ethical AI Framework
    • The Spectrum of Ethical AI Principles
  • Societal Ethical AI Principles
  • Responsible AI Principles
  • Systemic AI Transparency Principles
  • AI Governance Principles
  • Algorithmic Transparency Principles
  • About Cognilytica
  • Sources Referenced

Cognilytica Comprehensive Ethical AI Framework 281.95 KB

Organizations are increasingly making use of AI systems to power their operations...
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