AI Today Podcast: The Expanding MLOps Platform, Interview with Sivan Metzger, Managing Director of MLOps and Governance at DataRobot

As AI continues to move into the mainstream and more companies are looking to bring AI and ML into their organizations, the tools have also evolved to keep up with the changing demand. In this episode of the AI Today podcast hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schemlzer interview Sivan Metzger, Managing Director of MLOps and Governance at DataRobot. He shares with us challenges that organizations currently face when trying to bring ML models into production, some of the key ML governance, versioning, and iteration considerations that organizations need to address, and how the DataRobot product has expanded over the past few years to grow to encompass a wider range of ML lifecycle needs.

DataRobot was also a sponsor of our Machine Learning Lifecycle 2021 event. Make sure to check out the replay of their sessions.

Show Notes:

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