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AI Today Podcast: Data for AI Conference Preview

by Kathleen Walch

For people who have been following our podcast, you know that data is a central part to AI. Many of our listeners and Cognilytica clients need help around the Data life cycle including Data Engineering, Data Preparation, Data Labeling & Annotation, Sourcing Data and Data Generation for AI. We’re running The Data For AI Conference Week, taking place September 14-18, 2020, to address all this. Over the course of one week the event will combine a large library of on-demand content with live keynotes and live webinar-style panel engagements, attendee/expert matching, “ask-me-anything” style expert sessions, and educational content. Content is meant to be consumed around your schedule, not a predetermined schedule created for you.

Register for FREE at: https://dataconf.cognilytica.com/l1si

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