AI Today Podcast: Insights into AutoML – Interview with Jorge Torres, Founder and CEO at MindsDB

AutoML tools are becoming more widely adopted and changing the way companies use AI. In this episode of the AI Today podcast we interview Jorge Torres, Founder and CEO at MindsDB. He shares with us how AutoML is helping accelerate machine learning model development, the trend that Developers are becoming the new Data Scientists, some of the challenges companies face adopting AutoML tools and more.

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MindsDB is a free, open-source autoML framework to streamline the use of neural networks. It is designed to make it super easy for developers to deploy machine learning in their projects. We do this by turning existing databases into predictive tools. Our layer of AI sits between the existing client and the database, expanding the query language so you are able to ask predictive type questions. It automatically does all of the work a data scientist or machine learning expert would normally do, so you don’t have to. Find our more at:

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