AI Today Podcast: Advancing intelligent automation: Interview with Chris, AVP, Federal, UiPath

As people, companies, and governments are being asked to do more with less people, automation is playing an increasingly role is handling tasks and helping keep things on schedule. In this episode of the AI Today podcast we interview Chris Townsend who is Area Vice President, Federal at UiPath. He shares with us how automation and RPA is helping deal with significant shifts in the way that the world works, interactions with companies and governments, and changes in global supply chains. He also provides examples of how automation and RPA are currently helping and showing real results and ROI.

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If you’re looking to achieve benefits of automation, you should consider how RPA and hyperautomation can help your company or agency. Undertaking an RPA journey enables companies to plan and execute the technology on an enterprise-wide basis, integrate siloed operations, applications and data, build internal capabilities to adapt and scale, and more importantly, create business value and competitive advantages. To learn more about UiPath and how RPA bots can help, visit

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