50 Data Science Twitter Influencers to Follow in 2018

The field of data science continues to grow and evolve daily.  To keep up-to-date on all the latest developments, news, and more related to AI and data science, Cognilytica has put together a list of 50 data science influencers to follow on twitter (listed alphabetically).  To make it easier to follow everyone Cognilytica has also put together a twitter list that you can view here.

Click here for a larger version of the Influencer list

@aheineike Amy Heineike Primer AI VP Product Engineering at Primer AI
@aweigend Andreas Weigend Social Data Lab Director of Social Data Lab, Former Chief Scientist at amazon, Author of Data for the People
@AndrewYNg Andrew Ng Coursera Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS adjunct faculty. Former head of Baidu AI Group/Google Brain.
@bigdata Ben Lorica O’Reilly Media Chief Data Scientist at OReilly Media, Host of the O’Reilly Data Show podcast.
@furukama Benedikt Koehler DataLion CEO & Founder of DataLionPhD @LMU_Muenchen
@schmarzo Bill Schmarzo Hitachi Vantara CTO IoT and Analytics at Hitachi Vantara, Executive Fellow at University of San Francisco
@bobehayes Bob E. Hayes Business Over Broadway Researcher, writer and consultant at Business Over Broadway (B.O.B. )
@data_nerd Carla Gentry Analytical Solution Data Scientist & Owner of Analytical Solution
@CSurdak Chris Surdak Surdak & Co. Technology Evangelist, Award-Winning Author, Engineer, Data Scientist,
@octonion Christopher D. Long Headlamp Software Chief Data Scientist, Headlamp Software
@DrDataScientist Craig Brown Big Data Consultant Technology & Business Consultant, Big Data SME
@revodavid David Smith Microsoft Developer Advocate at Microsoft.
@deanabb Dean Abbott SmarterHQ Co-founder + Chief Data Scientist at SmarterHQ, Author of Applied Predictive Analytics
@dpatil DJ Patil Independent Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist.
@drewconway Drew Conway Alluvium Founder and CEO of Alluvium
@mathena Eric Xu Reddit, Inc. Leads AI/ML team at Reddit.
@EvanSinar Evan Sinar Development Dimensions International Chief Scientist & VP at Development Dimensions International
@fhuszar Ferenc Huszár Twitter Machine learning researcher at Twitter
@GilPress Gil Press gPress Managing Partner at gPress, columnist for Forbes
@gp_pulipaka GP Pulipaka New (unnamed) venture Chief Data Scientist at New (unnamed) venture, Former CEO/Chief Data Scientist at DeepSingularity LLC
@kdnuggets Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro KDnuggets President of KDnuggets, co-founder of KDD (Knowledge Discovery and Data mining conferences), a co-founder and past chair of ACM SIGKDD
@hadleywickham Hadley Wickham RStudio, Inc. Chief Scientist at RStudio, Adjunct Professor of Statistics at the University of Auckland, Stanford University, and Rice University
@hmason Hilary Mason Cloudera GM for Machine Learning at Cloudera. Founder of FastForwardLabs. Data Scientist in Residence at Accel.
@jakeporway Jake Porway DataKind Founder and Executive Director at DataKind
@hackingdata Jeff Hammerbacher Hammer Lab Cofounder and investor at Techammer, Assistant Professor at MUSC, Former Chief Scientist and cofounder at Cloudera


@jeremywaite Jeremy Waite Salesforce Evangelist for Salesforce and the head of digital strategy for Marketing Cloud EMEA. Host of The Ten Words Podcast
@johnmyleswhite John Myles White Facebook Engineering manager on Facebook NY’s DevInfra team.
@JonathanAFrye Jonathan Frye APAE Ventures LLC Founder and Managing Member of APAE Ventures
@josh_wills Josh Wills Slack Software Engineer, Search, Learning, and Intelligence at Slack
@kath0134 Kathleen Walch Cognilytica Managing Partner / Principal Analyst at Cognilytica. Host of AI Today podcast.
@kncukier Kenneth Cukier The Economist The Economist’s Senior Editor. Coauthor of NYT bestseller ‘Big Data’.
@KiraRadinsky Kira Radinsky eBay eBay Director of Data Science and Chief Scientist Israel (former SalesPredict CTO, acquired by eBay).
@KirkDBorne Kirk D Borne Booz Allen Principal Data Scientist at BoozAllen, PhD Astrophysicist.
@BigDataGal Lillian Pierson Data-Mania Data Strategist, Owner of Data-Mania, LLC and Catapult Coaching.
@wahalulu Marck Vaisman Microsoft Data Scientist & Azure Data/AI Technical Specialist at Microsoft.
@siah Mark Faridani Apple Machine Learning Scientist at Apple
@MarkTabNet Mark Tabladillo Microsoft Services Lead Data Scientist at Microsoft Services
@mza Matt Wood Amazon Web Services GM, Deep Learning and AI at Amazon Web Services
@mich8elwu Michael Wu Lithium Technologies Chief Scientist at Lithium
@MikeTamir Mike Tamir Uber Head of Data Science at Uber ATG & UC Berkeley Faculty
@ogrisel Olivier Grisel Parietal, INRIA Software Engineer at Inria Parietal, contributes to scikit-learn.
@peteskomoroch Peter Skomoroch SkipFlag Co-Founder & CEO at SkipFlag (acq. by Workday)
@randal_olson Randy Olson Life Epigenetics, Inc. Lead Data Scientist, at Life Epigenetics. Community leader for Data Is Beautiful
@rschmelzer Ron Schmelzer Cognilytica Managing Partner / Principal Analyst at Cognilytica. Host of AI Today podcast.
@Ronald_vanLoon Ronald van Loon Adversitement Director at Adversitement
@DataJunkie Ryan R. Rosario Google Data Scientist at Google, Lecturer at UCLA
@SebastianThrun Sebastian Thrun Udacity Cofounder and President (and former CEO) at Udacity
@tamaradull Tamara Dull SAS Institute Director of Emerging Technologies at SAS Institute
@wesmckinn Wes McKinney Ursa Labs Director of Ursa Labs . Creator of pandas, IbisData, ApacheArrow, ApacheParquet PMC.
@ylecun Yann LeCun Facebook VP & Chief AI Scientist, Founding Director of the NYU Center for Data Science