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Document ID: CGQT122 | Last Updated: June 9, 2018

Founded by NYU professor Chetan Dube, Amelia, the company’s cognitive solution, is an AI-based platform that combines capabilities of Machine Learning (ML), conversational technology, process automation, and other aspects of AI to understand, learn and interact with its environment to automate knowledge work across a broad range of functions in the enterprise. Amelia is a cognitive virtual agent, not just a chatbot, but a smart agent that can complete tasks and whole business processes for enterprises. Amelia is focused on improving the “Mean time to Resolution” — which is to say, reducing the time to resolve issues in the fraction of the time than you could with a human agent. The company’s primary offering is IPCenter, an autonomic / IT platform that automates most service desk and IT operations and performs as “virtual engineers”. The company claims that on average, IPCenter autonomically resolves 56% of incidents without any human intervention. The solution’s library of virtual engineers provide 35% efficiency gains within 90 days while cutting mean time to resolution (MTTR) by 60%.
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Founded by NYU professor Chetan Dube, Amelia, the company’s cognitive solution,...

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