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Sentient Technologies Briefing Note

by rschmelzer

Document ID: CGBN117| Last Updated: Apr. 7, 2018

In this latest wave of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), much of the attention has gone lately to neural network-based approaches to Machine Learning (ML), and in particular, Deep Learning algorithms. However, there are a number of approaches to ML that have widespread use and also significant amount of research and practical implementation in the field. Sentient has built the largest evolutionary algorithm system in the world, scaling to 2 million CPU cores and 4,000 GPUs. The company’s focus is on a unique combination of evolutionary computing with neural-network based Deep Learning that provides a combination of optimization and deep learning. The company applies their EA-based solutions to build vertical industry applications of the technology, rather than selling the technology directly to customers for their own implementation.
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In this latest wave of interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), much of the attention...

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